10 Instagram Accounts that Have Helped Me on My Body Positivity Journey

One of the most important steps in starting my body positivity journey has been curating my social media so I see things that inspire me to love myself and my body. All of these incredible women inspire me everyday. @mollybcounceling- Molly's account focuses on intuitive eating and unlearning harmful diet culture. She posts memes and… Continue reading 10 Instagram Accounts that Have Helped Me on My Body Positivity Journey

2019 Book List

One of my goals for winter is to read more physical books. So I gathered all the books I haven't read yet off my shelves to get me started. A few of them I just bought, but most of them are from at least a year ago. I want to get through all the ones… Continue reading 2019 Book List

Fall Closet Confidential

Another old Youtube tag! It's a look into my closet and the pieces I'm loving this fall! 1.What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet? The oldest item is a black sweater that I got for Christmas my freshman year of high school, from my mom. At first, I was a brat and asked her… Continue reading Fall Closet Confidential

Audition Makeup

Knowing what makeup to wear to an audition can be tricky. You want to look natural, but not like there isn't anything on your face. Different types of auditions call for different amounts of makeup. Auditioning for an opera or musical? You'll probably need a more full face of makeup. Auditioning for a small theater?… Continue reading Audition Makeup

Affordable Skincare Wishlist

So, one of my resolutions for fall was to start a skincare routine. I haven't started one yet but I HAVE put effort toward my goal by doing some research on affordable skincare, and by research, I mean watching youtube videos. The problem is, I am too poor to buy any of it. I just… Continue reading Affordable Skincare Wishlist

Hermione Granger and the Slightly Problematic Feminist Podcast

I listen to a lot of podcasts. It's my favorite way to pass the time while I'm nannying. Recently, I started listening to a podcast called "Oh, Witch Please," where two women reread all the Harry Potter books and rewatch the movies, and discuss them in depth. I've been absolutely loving it. It combines my… Continue reading Hermione Granger and the Slightly Problematic Feminist Podcast

Classical Music Faves: Orchestra Edition

Instead of doing a Beauty Faves or Fashion Faves post, I decided to write about my favorite pieces of classical music. I've been in a ton of orchestras and choirs, and I studied vocal performance in college, so I have lots of opinions on classical music. These are my top 13 pieces of orchestral music… Continue reading Classical Music Faves: Orchestra Edition