Mixed Girl Tag

This tag is very old school tumblr/ youtube but I’ve always wanted to do it, so here it goes!

1. What are you mixed with?

  • My mom is black and my dad is white.

2. What ethnicity have you been mistaken for?

  • Literally anything you can think of. Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Hawaiian. People come up to my mom and I and start speaking to us in Spanish all the time.

3. Is your hair curly or straight?

  • Very curly!

4. Was coming from different backgrounds challenging growing up?

  • It was! A lot of people told me that I wasn’t “black enough,” that I didn’t “act black” or “talk black” which made me feel inadequate. I also had a lot of people not believe me when I told them my ethnicity. They would ask “what are you????” and then when I told them they would say “no you’re not.” I had a hard time feeling like I was allowed to claim my mixed identity because I was met with so much push back.

5. What background do you embrace the most?

  • I would say growing up I embraced my white side more. For the most part the kids who were giving me shit for not being black enough were the other black kids. The white kids just ignored the fact that I was black so it was easier to be around them. Also I see my white family more so I wasn’t getting a lot of exposure to my culture. As an adult I’ve felt a lot more able to connect with my blackness. I feel more confident in myself and my identity and I’ve been able to connect with other mixed kids who have had the same or similar experiences.

6. Have you ever been teased for being different?

All the time. People love to say I’m the “whitest black person” they’ve ever met, or tease me for my poofy hair.

7. Have you ever been ashamed of being multi-racial?

  • I’ve never been “ashamed” per se, but I have definitely worried about the way people will react.  I’ve gotten some really insensitive comments and so I’m always on edge about what people are going to say.

8. Do you feel like being mixed has its benefits?

  • Definitely. It’s great to have multiple perspectives on things and it’s great to not fit neatly into any one box. People have to engage with your full identity.

9. What makes being multi-racial a beautiful thing?

  • There are so many amazing strong women who are mixed. Tracee Ellis-Ross, Zendaya, Meghan Markle, Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Rashida Jones, Lisa Bonet, Eartha Kitt, and Barack Obama (not a woman but he’s too amazing to leave off the list).

10. Advice to someone who struggles with multi-racial identity.

  • You’re not alone. There are lots of other people that know what it’s like to be in between. You know who you are, don’t let anyone make you feel less than.

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