Resolutions for Fall

I feel like resolutions shouldn’t just be reserved for New Year’s. Who can handle the pressure of overhauling their whole life every January 1st? I’m want to set some goals for this fall. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s a change in the air, or if I’m still subliminally on an academic schedule, but regardless, here are some things I want to work on:

  1. Start a skincare routine– I’ll be honest, I barely wash my face. I mean, I wash it when I shower but that’s not everyday. recently I’ve started breaking out more because of getting my IUD out. I want to develop a skincare routine that I enjoy doing twice a day.
  2. Find Friends– Since leaving school, my network of friends has all but disappeared. I was in a sorority in college and going from being constantly surrounded by peers to alone all day every day has been hard . I want to put myself out there and meet new people.
  3. Cook for myself– I’m like every other 22 year old on the planet in that I don’t cook enough. My grubhub habit is getting a bit out of control, and I want to start making my own food. I always feel better about myself when I make food instead of ordering in. I want to get better at cooking and make things that I look forward to eating.
  4. Do yoga more often- I love yoga. It’s relaxing and makes me feel good about myself. Nuff said.
  5. Journal more consistently– I have a beautiful journal that is about half full. I very much enjoy journaling, but I can get very in my head about it. Have you ever had anxiety about whether or not you’re journaling correctly? I have! I hve to remind myself that only right way to journal is to do just it.
  6. Take more pictures– I bought an Instax camera in April and I have taken all of 4 pictures with it. I find it difficult to remember to take pictures when I need to. I want to put in an effort to use that camera more and the camera on my phone. One day I want to purchase a real grown-up camera, but first I need to remember to use the ones I have.
  7. Go on auditions–  Auditions suuuuuuuuck. Like, really really suck. You just keep getting rejected over and over again and it feels like no matter what you do you keep getting no’s. Unfortunately that is part of the ~journey~.
  8. Read more books!– To pass the time while I’m nannying, I like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Lately I’ve been listening to more podcasts because I haven’t found a book that I’m really into. But I have an Audible subscription (not sponsored but it could be. Call me, Audible) that I am spending my hard earned cash on so I should probably use it.
  9. Post to this blog consistently– I have a tendency to start things and not follow through. I really enjoy blogging so far so I’m going to set the intention to continue doing it.

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