Affordable Skincare Wishlist

So, one of my resolutions for fall was to start a skincare routine. I haven’t started one yet but I HAVE put effort toward my goal by doing some research on affordable skincare, and by research, I mean watching youtube videos. The problem is, I am too poor to buy any of it. I just don’t have the money to buy an entire skincare regimen. So I figured I would just write about what I would buy if I could. It’s kind of like a haul except, that it’s not. Like an intention haul.

Fourth Ray

Fourth Ray Beauty– I recently heard about this brand from Kathleen Lights on youtube. It was started by the same women who started the Colourpop makeup brand. It’s based online and they currently have 9 products, 5 of which are actually skincare. They have an oil based cleanser called “BFD,” a gel cleanser called “AM to PM,” a clarifying toner called “Keep Clear,” a moisturizer called “The Lightweight,” and an acne spot treatment called “Later Hater.” Basically all the names are adorable. The rest of the products are scrunchies, cat ear headbands, a wash cloth, and a rose quartz face roller-thingy. The whole brand is very aesthetically pleasing and cutesy, which is essential in skincare, plus it’s cruelty free and vegan.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary– The Ordinary sells incredibly high quality skincare for extremely cheap. Their motto is “clinical formulas with integrity.” Their parent company is Deciem and they have a bunch of other brands that are free of a ton of harsh chemicals and are cruelty free. I was excited when I heard about this brand because it’s pretty hard to find affordable products that are pure ingredients. They have lots of products for lots of different skin concerns and everything has like one or two ingredients. The packaging is simplistic and sleek. Almost everything is under $15 which is amazing considering the quality.


Glossier– Everyone is obsessed with Glossier at the moment and I feel the same way. The branding and packaging is just so gorgeous! This is the most expensive brand on the list, but I would still consider it affordable. None of their products are over $30. There’s not much to say about this brand that hasn’t already been said. It’s cruelty free and their focus is “skin first makeup second” which I really like, because I don’t wear makeup very often, and when I do I prefer it to be minimal. They had a showroom in Chicago during October and it was absolutely gorgeous. I bought their Cherry Balm Dotcom and I love it!


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