Fall Closet Confidential

Another old Youtube tag! It’s a look into my closet and the pieces I’m loving this fall!

1.What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet? The oldest item is a black sweater that I got for Christmas my freshman year of high school, from my mom. At first, I was a brat and asked her to return it, but she refused and I’m so glad because I wear it all the time. Its pilling really badly and it’s a little itchy, but I still love it

2. What is the newest item? The newest item is my super cozy black pile jacket from H&M. The weather snapped straight from mild to freezing, as it usually does in Chicago, and I realized that my coat from last year didn’t fit anymore. I’ve wanted a big pile jacket since last winter and I took the opportunity to finally get one.

3. What is the most expensive item? My Doc Martins. I know they are supposed to last a long time though so it’s worth it. 

4. What was the biggest bargain? I still have my prom dress, which I spent $8 on. I was thrifting with some friends and we popped into a boutique because one of my friends said they had a great sale section. There were a bunch of maxi dresses in the back and we all found our prom dresses there. The dress I picked out was marked $16, but when I took it up to the register it was half off! 

 5. What was the biggest waste of money? A couple weeks ago I bought a rain jacket from Target, and its not water proof!!

6. What is the most affordable/cheapest item (that you use a lot)? I bought an infinity scarf when I was in Germany for like 5 euro. It’s an super nice pastel pink,  so I wear it all the time because it goes with everything. It’s been my scarf of choice for 4 winters.

7. What are your 3 favorite items right now? Two of them are pairs of pants from Urban Outfitters. They are both slightly cropped and flare out at the bottom. One is in black and white gingham, and the other is in a coppery corduroy. They’re stretchy and I love them because they are chic-er than plain leggings, but are just as comfortable. The third is an olive green beret that I got last winter. I love the beret trend and the color is perfect for fall and winter.

8. What is the most comfortable item? A sweatshirt I got in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that says “Winterfest” on it. I bought an XXL so that it would be oversized and I put it on everyday as soon as I get home. 

9. What is the most uncomfortable item (but you take the pain because you love it)? Jacquard slides from Forever 21. They’re not uncomfortable per se, but they are hard to keep on your feet, and don’t have any support, so I can’t wear them for very long. I wear them to formal events with a lot of sitting, like plays and operas.

10. Where do you shop the most? H&M, Urban Outfitters, Target, Old Navy. I’m 100% a creature of habit when it comes to shopping for clothes. 

11. Pick your favorite black item and your favorite white item. My favorite black item, other than my pile jacket and doc martins, is a t-shirt from UO that says “Femme” on it. My favorite white item is a cable knit sweater that I’ve had for years. 

12. Something that you’re excited to wear soon? I bought a pink sparkly beanie, with eyelash decals embroidered on it, from H&M when I bought my coat. It’s not quite cold enough to get me to wear a hat yet, but it definitely will be soon. 

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