Winter Resolutions

It’s time for winter 2019 resolutions. I want to carry over some of the ones from the fall and add some new stuff I’ve been thinking about.

  1. Spend time singing– Until I dropped out of college a year and a half ago, I was singing every single day and constantly improving my musicianship. When I left I was so burnt out that I stopped singing entirely. I miss it a lot and I’m ready to start practicing again.
  2. Take Instax pictures– Ok. I’ve gotten way better at taking pictures for instagram which is great, but I still spent money on this Instax camera, and I want to use it. I have to be more diligent about bringing it with me when I do fun stuff.
  3. Feel better about my body– This year has been a journey for me and my body, and it’s left me feeling not as good about it as I want to feel. I’m very into body positivity and health at every size, and I want to work on internalizing it.
  4. Get witchy!– I just finished the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix so I’m feeling very witchy right now. I’ve been into astrology for years, I have some books about witchcraft, and I just bought a deck of tarot cards, so I think it’s time to tap into my powers!
  5. Read physical books– I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks which I love, but I have lots of physical books lying around that I also want to read.
  6. See my family more often– I’m super lucky because my family lives in the same city as me and I can get to my parent’s house really quickly. I want to go over their more regularly and spend more time with them in general.
  7. Take an acting class– My parent’s give me a “coupon” that entitles me to one acting class that they will pay for. I’m super excited because I haven’t taken an acting class since freshman year of college.
  8. Learn to budget– I am the worst with money. My policy is “spend it and hope for the best.” I would like to learn how to manage it better so that my card gets declined a bit less often.
  9. Use a physical planner– I bought a planner and I want to use it! Usually I’m too anxious to use planners because I’m afraid to mess up. The one I just bought doesn’t have dates already in it, so you can use it as you go and you don’t have to worry if you stop using it and come back to it after awhile.
  10. Capsulize my wardrobe– I have way too many clothes and a lot of them don’t fit. I end up wearing the same couple things all the time anyway so I might as well get rid of the rest and attempt a capsule wardrobe.
  11. Blog– I wasn’t very consistent with my blogging in the fall and I want to reset the intention for the winter.

I hope this inspires some of you guys to set your own goals for the winter!

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