10 Instagram Accounts that Have Helped Me on My Body Positivity Journey

One of the most important steps in starting my body positivity journey has been curating my social media so I see things that inspire me to love myself and my body. All of these incredible women inspire me everyday.

@mollybcounceling- Molly’s account focuses on intuitive eating and unlearning harmful diet culture. She posts memes and picture accompanied with long form captions that challenge diet culture. I just started following her but I already feel like I’ve learned a lot.

@midsizecollective- This account that features OOTDs from women who are between straight sized and plus sized. As a “mid-sized” girl I love seeing other women who look like me rocking the hell out of their outfits. It gives me inspiration to do the same.

@lizzobeeating- Lizzo is a goddess. I love her music which is why I started following her, but she also posts a lot about body positivity and loving yourself. Watching her embrace herself so fully has been a huge inspiration to me.

@thebodyisnotanapology- The Body is Not an Apology is a magazine and blog. They post memes and repost other peoples intas about body positivity, sexuality, trans rights, civil rights, etc. Their post are always so insightful and bring in a more social justice side to body positivity.

@iamdaniadriana- Dani is a body positivity activist from Australia. She posts OOTDs and talks about her chronic pain. I love following her because she’s so cheery and does not give fuck what anyone thinks.

@bodypositivememes- This account is run by Michelle Elman (who you should also follow @scarrednotscared) author of Am I Ugly? and Tedx speaker. She posts body positive memes, as well as body negative memes that she’s edited to be body positive. I love when she does rewrites of body negative memes because it tackles negative societal messages head on.

@calliethorpe- Callie is a plus size model. She posts OOTDs, body positivity, and personal life stuff. She’s another woman I follow just because I love seeing her love herself ad express herself fully.

@effyourbeautystandards- Eff Your Beauty Standards was started by Tess Holiday. It’s memes and reposts from other instas that subvert normal beauty standards. I think it’s super important to see lots of different bodies represented on your feed.

@tessholiday- Tess is a plus sized model who was just featured on the cover of Cosmo. I love seeing a plus sized woman be glamorous. I also love her idgaf attitude.

@bodyposipanda- Megan Crabbe is the author of Body Positive Power. She’s one of the OGs in the body positivity movement. I love her insta she doesn’t care what anyone thinks and really wants to help people love themselves.

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