Mixed Girl Tag

This tag is very old school tumblr/ youtube but I've always wanted to do it, so here it goes! 1. What are you mixed with? My mom is black and my dad is white. 2. What ethnicity have you been mistaken for? Literally anything you can think of. Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Jewish,… Continue reading Mixed Girl Tag

Mirena Crash Story

When I was a junior in college I was one of the only vagina-having people I knew that wasn’t on birth control. I’m lucky, I’ve never had unbearably heavy or painful periods, nor did I have bad acne as a teenager, both reasons some of my friends went on birth control at a young age.… Continue reading Mirena Crash Story


Are blogs even a thing anymore? Hi! My name is Courtney Feiler. I'm a 23 year old nanny/ actress, living and working in Chicago. I'm going to use this as an outlet for all of my opinions on fashion, feminism, theater, mental health, and my experiences as an ~emerging adult~. -Courtney