2019 Book List

One of my goals for winter is to read more physical books. So I gathered all the books I haven't read yet off my shelves to get me started. A few of them I just bought, but most of them are from at least a year ago. I want to get through all the ones… Continue reading 2019 Book List

Hermione Granger and the Slightly Problematic Feminist Podcast

I listen to a lot of podcasts. It's my favorite way to pass the time while I'm nannying. Recently, I started listening to a podcast called "Oh, Witch Please," where two women reread all the Harry Potter books and rewatch the movies, and discuss them in depth. I've been absolutely loving it. It combines my… Continue reading Hermione Granger and the Slightly Problematic Feminist Podcast

Mixed Girl Tag

This tag is very old school tumblr/ youtube but I've always wanted to do it, so here it goes! 1. What are you mixed with? My mom is black and my dad is white. 2. What ethnicity have you been mistaken for? Literally anything you can think of. Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Jewish,… Continue reading Mixed Girl Tag

Mirena Crash Story

When I was a junior in college I was one of the only vagina-having people I knew that wasn’t on birth control. I’m lucky, I’ve never had unbearably heavy or painful periods, nor did I have bad acne as a teenager, both reasons some of my friends went on birth control at a young age.… Continue reading Mirena Crash Story